Laser therapy to stop smoking

What does the treatment consist of and how does it work?

Your last cigarette
When you arrive for your treatment (which can be an anxious time for some people) it's fine to have your last cigarette before you come in.

You will feel welcomed as soon as you enter the treatment room. This is so you can begin to relax as soon as possible.

A natural high
The treatment gives you a natural high with a sense of well-being, thereby reducing the temptation to take another cigarette. It inhibits your cravings—and withdrawal symptoms like irritability and stress.


The first treatment
For the therapy you will be laid back, so that you can feel totally relaxed. A lot of people drift off to sleep.

A cold laser is used on specific areas of the body. When the laser makes contact with these areas a feeling of calmness takes over. This is the endorphins being released into your body. Endorphins are the body's natural pain killers and they have a calming and relaxing effect—and it is these endorphins that you crave when you give up smoking. Laser therapy will relieve your cravings as well as help with stress and detoxification.

When the treatment is finished, you will have a feeling of achievement, feeling good about yourself, on a high. This will help you through your first day.

Treatment day 2 (and follow-up)
The following day you will have a treatment again. This will give you an extra boost to keep you feeling positive and again relaxed and calm and craving free. If you need them, you can have two more treatments in the next 2 weeks—or as and when necessary. These are included in the cost.

You will feel the difference: after 24 hours carbon monoxide will have been eliminated from your body. After 48 hours, no nicotine will be left there.

All treatments are private and confidential.

Professional advice will help you adjust to being a non-smoker
During these treatments you will be given advice which will help you cope with the different situations that may arise when you would normally have a cigarette. Support is at hand whenever you need it.

What if…?
A common worry for most people is: what if they slip back into smoking after the treatment? or what if they are not able to cope with the withdrawal symptoms?

Well, the laser therapy gives you back-up at this crucial time—especially if a craving creeps up on you, or you need help with the psychological effects of giving up. The great thing about this treatment is you can carry on your normal every-day activities. You will still have a normal life, but without an addiction.

You will be free, you will be a non-smoker.


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